Orlando Medical City: Road Extension for Lake Nona Blvd to Boggy Creek Road?

Lake Nona and Orlando’s Medical City Development just keeps on truckin’

That’s right, Orlando’s fastest growing community is still growing with news homes, subdivisions, businesses and more springing up all the time!

This includes new roads and road extensions, like the proposed Road Extension for Lake Nona Blvd to bring it to Boggy Creek Road.

Builders here are seeking $10 million in federal tax money to build a new road in Lake Nona that would extend Lake Nona Boulevard by nearly a mile to Boggy Creek Road. It is hoped that by doing this is would help even more economic development in the area. After all the entire Lake Nona area is growing so fast that certain areas are soon to be built out.

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Take a look at the Google Map here and you can almost guess the expected path of development:

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Stay tuned in the future to see what development occurs along this proposed road extension in Lake Nona.

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