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Laureate Park HOA 2012 Projected Assessment

Laureate Park HOA 2012 Projected Assessment


Single family Homes                           Monthly                       Quarterly

Operation & Maintenance                           $24                                         $72

Internet & Cable                                          $60                                         $180

Total                                                            $84                                         $252


2 to 5 Unit Townhomes                       Monthly                       Quarterly

Operation & Maintenance                           $24                                         $72

Internet & Cable                                          $60                                         $180

Landscaping & Reserve                               $114                                       $343

Total                                                            $198                                       $595


This annual assessments are based on the 2012 Laureate Park Homeowner Association (HOA) budget. The Laureate Park HOA will distribute an annual budget to each owner which will reflect any increases or changes to assessments. The yearly assessments include, among other items, landscaping and maintenance of the community park and other common areas. This assessment also includes a telecommunications package that includes internet and digital television service. Townhomes may include additional landscaping maintenance as well as capitol services for building maintenance.

It should be noted that Laureate Park HOA assessments will buycbdproducts as additional amenities open to residence. Refer to the Laureate Park HOA documents for additional information about the association.
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