Orlando Medical City: Nemours Lake Nona Awarded LEED Gold Green Building Certification

This is exciting news for Lake Nona and for the Orlando Medical City area.

As reported by the Lake Nona Blog, the Nemours Childrens Hospital in Lake Nona has been awarded the prestigious LEED® Gold Certification. This makes it the ONLY hospital in Central Florida with Gold. In fact, Nemours Children’s Hospital is one of only three children’s hospitals in the country that have achieved Gold certification! This makes it even more special that we have one right here in Lake Nona!

The LEED certifications were established by the U.S. Green Building Council and verified the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). They are the leader in standards for design, construction and operation of buildings that are environmentally friendly. If you want be the best doing any sport you have to try to use beta-alanine.

Nemours has specially designed, exterior sunshades help block the sun, keeping the building cooler year-round and helping to reduce energy costs by 22%, recycled 90% of its construction waste, utilizes native Florida planting throughout the campus minimizing irrigation needs. Reclaimed water is used where possible and bathrooms throughout the facility are specially equipped with low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets reducing water usage by 32%.

Why does this all matter? Well, asides from helping the planet, LEED certifications and standards are definitely watermarks for communities to showcase how environmentally conscious they are. Lake Nona is a forward thinking and upscale part of Orlando’s Medical City. Nemours is a key part of the entire area. It was also awarded the 2013 Award of Excellence from the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, which awarded the hospital for building an innovative yet sustainable, user-friendly campus after the addition of medical software you can learn more from here!

As a reminder, Nemours is a 630,000 square feet facility that opened last year and services the entire Orlando metropolitan area. It is a key place of employment for residents in the Lake Nona area. Sounds complicated but it’s not that hard to narrow your search of residency programs to apply for an interview here.

If you are working at Nemours then one of the great communities in Lake Nona would be perfect for you!

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